Extrusion Systems Production Line of Snack Pellets

Extrusion systems production line of snack pellets is used a wide range of raw materials, such as potato starch, potato powder, tapioca, wheat flavour, etc. Through JY-pellet extruder can get many beautiful snack pellets shape, such as shells, screws, rings, tubes (third generation pellets) or chips, wheels, flowers, etc. The extruded pellets become attractive snack food after frying and flavouring.

Twist Snack Production Line

Twist snack production line is fit for making the corn snack in stick shape but irregularly. The raw material is corn granule. After the main machine to get the shape. There are two ways for continuous processing for choise. One way is by deep frying, another way is by hot air drying. The products is nearly the “Cheetos” or “Kukure” snack in the market.

Extrusion Systems Production Line of Puff Snack

Extrusion systems production line of expansion cereals is fit for making various kinds of expansion foods, which uses corn and rice as the raw material by changing different moulds. The main machine is PH-single-screw expansion machine or TS-twin-screw expansion machine, expansion cereals products extruded from either of the above main machines can be processed into different kinds of stuffed cereals expansion food through ZX-shaping machine and JX-stuffing machine. Products made by this production line are crisp even without frying.

Pillow & Stick Snack Production Line

The processing line is fit for those raw materials such as wheat flour. After being pressed by serious stainless rollers, they can be separately cut into different shapes and expanded by frying. After that, they can be flavour-mixed and dried till they become appetizing and snack foodstuff. This line is reasonably designed and conveniently operated.

Fresh Potato Chips Production Line

Fresh potato chips production line is fit for fresh potatoes, which can be made into plane or zigzag fresh potato chips after washed and shelled. The processed slices will be very crisp under special dealing, frying and flavouring. Fresh potato chips production line combines foreign and domestic advanced techniques, with supetior facture and high automation.

Complex Potato Chips Production Line

Complex potato chips production line uses potato powder as raw material. They can be processed into crisp fried chips with unitive shapes. The complex potato chips are with consistent shapes, so its package uses paper-canister-styled slap-up one, e.g. the popular reception chips. The complex chips are with dense fragrance and elegant shapes. This production line combines foreign and domestic advanced techniques, with high automation and convenient operation.

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